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Whatever your needs, from preclinical development through to development of manufacturing of the active pharmaceutical ingredient (API process development) for clinical trials to development of your API manufacturing process, Olon USA offers you flexible access to a broad spectrum of manufacturing process development, pharmaceutical process development and manufacturing expertise.


This expertise includes specialist scientists with experience in development manufacturing, process development chemistry, pharma process development, manufacturing route and manufacturing and development determination.

Our experts specialize in establishing process of manufacture, manufacturing development, establishing your active pharmaceutical ingredient manufacturing process, and chemical manufacturing process.

Our three-decades of experience also includes process chemistry and development, analytical chemistry, and engineering capabilities. We are proficient in a diverse range of organic chemical reactions and excel at combining them into a safe, reliable, efficient, and cost-effective manufacturing process for your APIs, intermediates, regulatory starting materials and performance chemicals. All capabilities are ideal for establish also your commercial manufacturing process.

Olon USA offers flexible access to a broad spectrum of manufacturing process development, pharmaceutical development and manufacturing expertise

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