• April 2, 2024

In the fast-paced and ever-evolving pharmaceutical industry, professionals like Nerissa Chu-A-Kong are the driving force behind innovation and progress. With a background deeply rooted in science and a passion for fostering growth and innovation, Nerissa shares insights into her role as the Business Development Director for the Northeast Territory at Olon USA and sheds light on the dynamic changes within the industry.

Nerissa’s Journey into Science

Nerissa’s journey into the world of science began with a profound love for chemistry during her high school years. This fascination with the intricate mathematics and real-world applications of chemistry led her to pursue a Specialized Honors BSc degree in Chemistry with a focus on Pharmaceutical and Biological Sciences from York University, Toronto. Eager to contribute to the pharmaceutical landscape, Nerissa further honed her expertise by obtaining a post-graduate certificate in regulatory affairs, enabling her to provide invaluable consultation to clients navigating the complex terrain of drug development filings for FDA and Health Canada. After 15 years in the CDMO space, Nerissa has supported countless drug substance programs of various modalities and filing pathways. Her experience in customer service and knowledge of CMC enables her to be an effective interface between sales, R&D and manufacturing.

Motivation as a Business Development Director

For Nerissa, the motivation behind her role as a Business Development Director lies in the opportunity to help clients achieve success and bring their groundbreaking products to life. She finds immense satisfaction in being part of her client’s drug development journey and witnessing the tangible impact their innovations have on improving patients’ lives. Nerissa has a passion for fostering growth and innovation within organizations, coupled with her curiosity to stay ahead of industry trends and competitor movements. Building lasting relationships, solving complex challenges, and leaving a tangible impact on the customers she serves are the driving forces that fuel Nerissa’s dedication and drive.

Adapting to Industry Changes

In a constantly evolving industry landscape, Nerissa has witnessed significant changes, including market contractions and shifts in investment focus. Despite these challenges, drug developers persevere, constantly seeking advancement and innovation. As part of Olon USA, Nerissa and her team are perfectly positioned to address these changes. With a vast array of reactor scales and a focus on timeline efficiency and integrated API development, Olon USA offers clients flexibility and cost-saving solutions, especially in times of market uncertainty.

Why Olon USA?

Nerissa’s decision to join Olon USA was driven by the company’s stellar reputation as an API leader and its commitment to long-term growth and stability. As a privately held organization, Olon prioritizes long-term gains over short-term shareholder interests, providing Nerissa with the opportunity to contribute to both client solutions and internal process improvements. Despite being part of a large organization, Olon’s flat management structure enables Nerissa to effect change and make meaningful contributions to the company’s vision of becoming the premier API CDMO on the market.

Join Us in Driving Pharmaceutical Success

As Nerissa Chu-A-Kong and the team at Olon USA continue to navigate the dynamic landscape of the pharmaceutical industry, they invite you to join them on this journey. Whether you’re a client seeking innovative API solutions or a professional eager to contribute to meaningful advancements in healthcare, Olon USA offers unparalleled expertise, flexibility, and commitment to excellence.

Contact us today to learn more about how Olon USA can support your pharmaceutical development needs and be a part of driving success in the industry.