• November 16, 2023

In the rapidly evolving world of pharmaceuticals and biotechnology, business development plays a crucial role in forging successful partnerships, creating meaningful connections, and navigating complex decision-making processes. We sat down with Molly Gleizes, Olon’s Head of Business Development Western U.S., to gain insights into her background, motivation, and her perspective on the industry’s ever-changing landscape. 

A Journey Rooted in Science 

Molly Gleizes brings a wealth of experience to her role. Molly holds a double degree in Biochemistry and Cell and Molecular Biology from the University of Washington, complemented by an MBA from the American Intercontinental University. Her technical prowess spans genomics, bioinformatics, structure-based drug design, and x-ray crystallography. With a remarkable 23-year career in the industry, she is well-versed in the intricate web of pharmaceutical development. But what led Molly to choose a path in science and eventually business development? Her journey began with a curiosity about the intricate biological systems that underpin life. From a young age, she was driven by the quest to understand life’s meaning through the lens of biology. Molly’s fascination with the body’s remarkable resiliency and its frailty propelled her towards a career in healthcare. During her academic years, Molly realized her potential to make a substantial impact through research and development. She discovered a unique talent for finding connections in seemingly unrelated situations and information, which set her on a path toward business development. Molly’s passion for connecting with clients, learning about their programs, and supporting their missions keeps her motivated and engaged. 

Finding Motivation in Complexity 

What motivates Molly in her role as a business development specialist at Olon? She thrives on challenges, and the more complex, the more inspired she becomes. Olon’s clients face the formidable task of obtaining FDA product approval, often against the odds. Molly’s career is centered on creating and maintaining successful partnerships and supporting clients in the long term. For Molly, it’s about creating alignment for everyone’s success, including Olon, the clients, and most importantly, the patients. She derives immense motivation from knowing that her work has a tangible impact on the broader group effort when she excels in her role. 

Navigating Industry Changes 

The pharmaceutical industry is no stranger to change, and decision-making processes are often influenced by a variety of factors. Molly sheds light on how the industry has evolved and the impact of these changes on decision-makers. Speed, quality, and pricing have traditionally been the primary considerations for choosing a partner in advancing a program. However, in recent years, pricing has taken center stage. The location of a Contract Development and Manufacturing Organization (CDMO) has become increasingly important. Historically, U.S. government-funded projects mandated the use of US-based CDMOs, while privately funded organizations often sought economic advantages abroad. The events of 2020 brought significant shifts in funding priorities, with a particular focus on COVID-19 prevention and treatment. This led to regulatory changes and a shift in the preference for US-based outsourcing due to perceived bias and risks associated with delayed product delivery. 

Olon’s Uniqueness in a Changing Landscape 

Olon is well-positioned to address these industry shifts. The company recognizes the changing landscape and the shrinking savings gap. While the preference for US-based partners is growing, it’s not the sole factor that sets Olon apart. The development of oncology drugs in the US market has witnessed remarkable growth, and Olon is uniquely poised to meet the demand for highly potent small molecules with low occupational exposure limits. Olon USA’s Concord, Ohio site is expanding to include capabilities for OEB level 5 and pilot plant manufacturing for level 4. This addition aligns seamlessly with Olon’s Groups reputation for solving complex development programs in partnership with clients and the large scale high potency API manufacturing capabilities in Milan. 

A Strong Foundation for Success 

Molly’s decision to work with Olon is rooted in the company’s strong focus, streamlined management, and a diverse, highly skilled team. She recognizes the value of diversity not just as a measure of equity but as a source of innovation and a sound business practice. Olon’s forward-thinking approach and its ability to overcome obstacles, devise unique solutions, and be a winning long-term partner make it a compelling choice for Molly and her clients. In the dynamic pharmaceutical and biotechnology industry, it’s leaders like Molly Gleizes and companies like Olon that drive progress and create meaningful change. As the industry continues to evolve, Olon remains steadfast in its commitment to excellence and innovation. 

Are you ready to take your pharmaceutical endeavors to the next level? Contact Olon today to explore partnership opportunities that can help you succeed in this ever-changing industry. Your success is our mission.