Olon USA Rebrands as Olon USA
  • January 15, 2024

On January 1, 2024, Olon USA LLC and Olon USA Inc. joined forces. This merger and rebranding as Olon USA LLC marks a significant milestone in the pharmaceutical industry, effectively creating a revitalized powerhouse.

Olon USA now combines the strengths of the generic sales unit in Florham Park, NJ, and the active pharmaceutical ingredient development group in Concord, OH.

Olon USA CEO Robert Poe emphasizes the profound impact of this strategic move, stating, “The merger and ultimate name change of the former Ricerca Bioscience site reflects full integration into Olon’s seven pillars of leadership.”

These pillars include a customer-centric approach, courage, rapid disciplined decision-making, collaboration, results-driven focus, talent development, and an unwavering commitment to ethics and integrity.

A Legacy Transformed: Olon USA’s Evolution

The history of the Ricerca Bioscience site dates back to the mid-1980s, ultimately evolving into a renowned player in the pharmaceutical industry. However, with the acquisition by Olon in June 2017, a transformative journey began.

The recent rebranding signifies the Concord site’s departure from its past and embraces a new identity. This enhanced identity is fully integrated into the global Olon family, thereby embodying our prevalent “One Olon” spirit.

Poe elaborates, “Since the acquisition by Olon in June of 2017, the Concord site must now be viewed as an entirely new company.” This transformation aligns with Olon’s commitment to delivering excellence and innovation in pharmaceutical development.

Synergies for Growth: Olon’s Seven Pillars in Action

The strategic merger not only brings together two essential components of Olon. It also reinforces the company’s dedication to its seven pillars of leadership.

The Concord site’s integration into Olon’s global framework ensures a unified approach to project management and customer communication.

Poe is quick to share several insights gained from conversations with industry consultants and clients, highlighting a positive shift in perception. “The name change shows us moving on from the previous era and embracing lessons learned from our customers. We are now fully integrated into the Olon family of companies, with all the service mindset that implies.”

This commitment to evolution extends to improved communication, streamlined project management, and deeper collaboration across departments and sites, ensuring a seamless client experience.

Investing in Excellence: The Concord Site’s Future

Significant investments are already underway at the Concord site. These investments will enhance capabilities and leverage the strengths and operational efficiencies of the global Olon network.

The generic sales unit, already a part of Olon USA, will continue to serve North American pharmaceutical companies with a vast library of generic APIs. These will be supported by the logistical prowess of the Concord site for importation, storage, and distribution.

Looking Forward: Olon USA’s Vision

It’s important to note that the Olon rebranding isn’t merely a change of name, complete with a new logo, new marketing materials, and a fresh coat of paint in our buildings. Rather, it signifies a new era for Olon USA. The company aims to redefine perceptions and encourages both existing and potential new customers to embrace a fresh perspective.

Poe explains, “Our big message to customers now is, ‘You’re not just doing business with this small group in Concord, Ohio. You’re doing business with Olon as a worldwide family of companies.’ This message accurately reflects Olon USA’s combined maturity, improved stability, and the backing of a trusted global organization.”

Olon USA, along with its global partners, is confident that reassessing Olon can only instill confidence in clients and partners.

Forward-Thinking Infrastructure: Preparing for High Potency

Olon USA’s commitment to excellence extends to serious infrastructure upgrades. These include investments in advanced equipment, such as a portable high-containment filter dryer, showcasing the company’s forward-thinking approach.

While portability wasn’t a baseline need, leveling up in this way provides a great example of Olon’s forward-thinking and futureproofing. Our top-to-bottom emphasis on adaptability positions Olon USA to handle a range of projects, from small-scale production to high-potency developments.

Olon team members also emphasize the importance of scalability and seamless transfers between Olon sites worldwide. According to Poe, “We’re going to make sure that as we’re scaling things up, we are ready to seamlessly transfer to other sites within the group.”

Attracting Top Talent: Olon USA’s Growing Team

The positive changes taking place at Olon USA have not gone unnoticed.

As word gets out, it has attracted top-tier talent to the organization. This influx of highly qualified individuals and the ongoing collaborations with Ohio Life Sciences will bolster further growth in Ohio’s life sciences companies. Additionally, Olon hopes to foster an environment conducive to future talent growth in the STEM sector.

Connect with Olon USA Today

In the wake of these transformative changes, Olon USA extends an invitation to both previous and potential customers. “Come take another picture.” Olon USA is not just evolving; it is setting a new standard for quality and service, drawing from the rich heritage of Olon Worldwide.

For Active Pharmaceutical Ingredient development or Generic API needs, reach out to Olon USA. Or better yet, schedule a visit. Witness firsthand the evolution of Olon USA and experience the enhanced capabilities, streamlined processes, and collaborative spirit that define the new Olon. The revitalized Olon team in Concord, Ohio, awaits, ready to embark on transformative projects and partnerships with your team. Embrace the future of pharmaceutical development with Olon USA — where innovation meets excellence.