• May 27, 2024

Olon is a global leader in the development and manufacturing of API from pre-clinical to commercial.  With eleven manufacturing sites, over 2500 m­3 of reaction capacity and 5000 m3 fermentation capacity, and seven centers of R&D across the world, we provide all types of development API services to bring successful outcomes to your chemical development program.

Whether you need route scouting to your API, have a process that has never been scaled beyond a few grams, have worked with a competitor that could not provide the results you needed, or have a complex synthesis that is in need of optimization for efficient and safe scale up from 10 kg to 100+kg, we can provide the specific set of services you need for your program.

From Concept to Commercialization at Olon USA

Chemical services play a key role in pharmaceutical development. Recently, we had the opportunity to sit down with the Senior Director of Operations at Olon USA, Kyle Kalbarczyk, Ph.D., to dive into the unique value Olon offers for chemical services in the pharmaceutical industry. Kyle has extensive experience in drug substance development, with over 16 years in the industry, bringing many APIs from early-phase development to commercial manufacturing. He provides a unique, first-hand, “large scale development mindset” perspective in his role, as he began training as an organic chemist developing processes in the lab to implementing and managing the manufacturing processes from small pilot plant scale (50 L) to large scale manufacturing (8000 L). 

Olon USA provides a wide range of chemical services from early-phase exploration to commercialization, tailored specifically to each client. Kyle emphasizes the importance of a client-centered approach. To ensure the scalability, right first time, and efficiency of process development it is important to analyze the specific needs of our clients and provide the right set of services for each project.

What Makes Olon USA Different?

Olon USA distinguishes itself from competitors by the emphasis on quality service over cost competitiveness. The ability to provide superior quality, large-scale development mindset, and problem-solving capabilities in every aspect of the drug development process highlights Olon USA’s commitment to meeting the diverse needs of clients at every stage of drug development.  Olon USA understands that many clients only need a single batch of API for each phase of development, and we have only one chance to get the scale up right.  Therefore, Olon USA implements a multidisciplinary team of process chemists, process engineers, and analytical development chemists to provide a right-first-time process.

Olon USA’s 35+ years of early-phase development expertise along with the breadth of resources within its global network of subject matter experts sets Olon USA apart from their competitors. Leveraging that network and the depth of resources available allows for comprehensive problem-solving and optimization of chemical services quicker than overseas competitors. Beyond specific process development, Olon USA’s access to the broader Olon family of companies expertise worldwide, extends its services to help customers navigate complex regulatory affairs and intellectual property matters.

Olon Can Help with Your Chemical Services Needs

Olon USA combines technical excellence with a collaborative network and resources to provide individualized solutions from a global perspective. Early-phase clients seeking efficient, innovative, and scalable solutions in pharmaceutical development should look no further than Olon USA. If you’re navigating the complexities of drug development, consider Olon USA for unparalleled chemical services.