• March 31, 2023

“What we are doing here is beginning the build-out of a high-potency API suite, so that we can get up to a few hundred grams made for early studies and transfer those processes to our sites in Italy for the clinical trial phase.”

Can you detail the synergies unlocked since the acquisition by Olon S.p.A in 2017?

Olon USAs, from Italy, operates a broad range of specialty chemical manufacturing with total revenues of around US$580 million p/a. This was a strategic buy, as our site in Concord, OH, is focused more on early-stage development up to phase 2 to keep clients up to phase 3 towards commercial manufacturing. We started unlocking synergies in 2022, as our site was able to operate on its own, and we began working more closely with Olon’s regulatory affairs group. Most of our clients are in the smaller and mid-size end of pharma companies. We have over 300 active DMFs in the organization. Olon’s overall business is approximately 60% generic and 40% CDMO work. We are working to shift this closer to a 50/50 stance.

We see ourselves more as a service provider than a manufacturer, we want to supply services for custom APIs, toxicology, and in clinical programs.

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