• November 10, 2023

Milan, Italy – November 09, 2023 – Olon Group, a world leader in the production of APIs, announces a multi-year expansion plan for its production site in India (Mahad), which, in return for significant investment worth EUR 10 million, will see its production capacity of both intermediates and finished APIs increase by several dozen tonnes per year.

The expansion, which confirms the strategic role of the Indian site within the Italian group’s integrated production network, will increase the plant’s total production capacity by 45% in chemical synthesis, particularly for products in high demand in the global supply chain for which Olon is already the market leader. 

The new production line will include reactors and filter dryers equipped with all necessary utilities, and will come into operation in 2Q 2024, allowing for gradual further capacity growth until 2026.

The Olon site in Mahad, fully integrated into the platform of 11 plants worldwide with production of more than 20 APIs and intermediates for the rest of the group by synthetic route, has developed a particular leadership position in the fermentation production of the rife family (rifampicin, rifaximin) and its intermediates (Rifa S, Rifa O). 

The new expansion plan is also strategic for increasing the group’s overall production volumes, supporting its expected growth in the coming years, as part of the intermediate products will be used at other sites in the network. 

The investment is part of a strategy of continuous strengthening of technological and production capabilities, based on which Olon has only recently installed at the Mahad site a new high-containment production line and a major upgrade of fermentation capacity, as well as new systems for generating renewable energy.