• February 22, 2023

Olon is pleased to announce the completion of the investment in its Rodano facility to expand the pilot plant capacity of scaling up highly active API, up to level of containment OEB5 (1-0.1 ug/m3).

Indeed, Olon is supported by other pilot plants in the development of high-potency APIs (like Segrate) with which the Rodano plant will be integrated for increased capacity and improved flexibility.

The investment is part of a consolidated strategy by Olon, which envisages the implementation of a highly integrated operating model between both R&D and manufacturing operations and the integration of specific, highly specialized processes consolidated within research and development centers located in sites around the world.

This integration will also be applied to product scale-up projects, which require the transition from pilot plants to large- and very large-scale production plants that have similar equipment such as to ensure the same level of containment even for large batch sizes.

Olon has in fact developed one of the most advanced and flexible high-containment API production platforms on the market.