• January 15, 2024

Olon Group discloses that, as of January 1, 2024, Olon USA LLC, Concord, OH and Olon USA Inc. commercial offices, based in Florham Park, NJ, have merged to become Olon USA LLC.

The merging of the commercial offices in New Jersey, and the active pharmaceutical ingredient development group in Ohio, provides synergies for growth of the company as a leading international API (Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients) supplier, in the US market.

 “The merger of the former Ricerca Bioscience site reflects full integration into Olon’s long-term vision of a global model in which high-level expertise and know-how are shared and applied across the worldwide network of 11 Olon plants and 8 research centers for industry leading service in the API marketplace. We provide multidisciplinary teams to work on our customers’ programs in the areas of research and development, regulatory affairs, corporate engineering, and are able to offer seamless transition of the technology and scale-up. We obtain advanced control and in-depth understanding of our customers’ synthetic processes by engaging the best in-house talent in the specific process or technology across all of the Olon sites” commented Robert Poe, CEO of Olon USA. “The Ricerca Bioscience site has a lengthy history in pharma dating back to the mid-1980’s. The name change shows a step ahead to a full integration into the Olon family of companies”.

The US site is focused on offering an integrated service approach through analytical chemistry, synthetic chemistry, process chemistry, engineering, and manufacturing services for all phases of chemical development of drug substance. Relying on a consolidated expertise, the site can support development in the early-stages of drug development (toxicology, phase 1, 2) and seamless technical transfer to other Olon sites.

“Significant investments are being made in the Concord site to add capabilities and build on the strengths of the global Olon network, and in 2024 the company investment plan will continue to underpin its capacity expansion and expertise development. We have high expectations for this merger, we strongly believe that it can create new and promising business opportunities in the US market” stated Giorgio Bertolini, VP R&D Olon.

The commercial offices will continue to serve North American pharma companies with the large library of available generic APIs from Olon, with the strong logistical support of the Concord site for importation, storage, and distribution.