• July 12, 2022

July 11th, 2022, Milan (Italy) – Olon is glad to present its new division. Olon Biotech, a division of Olon, focuses on biotechnological processes and offers Contract Development and Manufacturing Services (CDMO), as well as developing, manufacturing and selling Proprietary Products (PP) supporting customer companies in a wide range of industries, focusing on health & pharma, food, cosmetics, F&F and many others.

Olon Biotech represents an international leader in applied biotechnology to industrialization, able to manage the strong complexity implied in the tech transfer and in the scale up of biotech process.

At the heart of Olon Biotech are the two bio-hubs based in Settimo Torinese and Capua, Italy. The Biotech Centers are multipurpose and can handle production process with high level of complexity. They boast unparalleled flexibility and diverse capabilities thanks to the competencies acquired by applying different manufacturing processes to different products.

In the last five years, Olon has invested a total of over 80 million Euro in our Biotech Centers. The investments have generated a significant increase of our capacity, new purifications departments, some of which from greenfield investments, modernization and upgrading of existing areas, further than improvement and efficiency enhancement of production processes.

The investments made sites more sustainable, reduced their environmental impact and invested in skills and qualified experts: in the last five years, the number of people working in bio-hubs rose from 500 to 675.

With more than 50 years of experience, Olon Biotech represents one the most extensive know how of microbial fermentation applied to CDMO and Proprietary Product production, including High Potent or Toxic Compound thanks to high containment systems.

Olon Biotech experience in fermentation embraces managing broad range of microorganisms as bacteria, yeast and fungi. It offers a strong expertise from small to large molecules – peptides, enzymes, proteins – always driven by customer focused attitude.