• December 29, 2023

The end of a year brings with it an opportunity for reflection and learning in which we take pride in all we’ve accomplished and make room for continuous improvement in the year ahead. This is especially true for Olon USA as we look to 2024. So many big things have gone on in 2023 for Olon in the United States. We have started the build-out of our high potency API suite, for instance (more information on that will come in January). We have fully staffed our business development team around the United States, so we have representation everywhere to easily meet with clients at their locations and offices.

We have purchased the Quadrupole Time-of-Flight (QToF) mass spectrometer, so that we can do high-resolution mass spectrometry and conduct the elucidation of the different molecules, and confirmation of structures and meet similar needs around impurities as they transition from the synthetic processes when we develop APIs. So we can help identify what some of these impurities are now.

2023 Saw Growth and Expansion Around the World for Olon

Additionally, Olon has applied for our DEA schedule-2 bulk manufacturing registration with the DEA and we are in process of going down that path because we have some customers that want us to manufacture some potential drugs that could be of use for DEA schedule-2 materials.

At Olon’s corporate level, there has also been a lot of activity. In Italy they’re expanding with our new R&D facility, as well as our high potency laboratory, allowing us to make antibody drug conjugate warheads, which are OEB level six.

In India Olon is expanding into fermentation and some other areas and capabilities there. So there’s a lot of investment going on all around the world at Olon, but especially at our site here in the U.S., and we are very, very excited about the growth opportunities here for us to support clients going forward.

The Biggest Differences that Benefit Our Customers…

With all of the updates and improvements to our equipment and facilities throughout our global locations, it is our customers who will benefit the most. Olon will now be able to better support programs of virtually any kind or size. As a global organization, if there’s something we can’t do at one particular location, we can likely accommodate our client’s need within the network of Olon and the other sites around the world (rather than them having two, three or even four different companies working on their program).

The same level of quality, trust, and reliability can be experienced throughout the entire project. The entire project – from beginning to end – can all be under one MSA and stay within the safety and comfort of the Olon family of facilities.

Growing and Thriving While Others are Forced to Slow Down and Cut Back

While many of our competitors have had to pull back and change course to focus on funding during some of the economic downturns and shifts within the market, I think it’s somewhat important to point out that Olon is able to continue our growth and global expansion because of our experience and history within this space, which allowed us to plan ahead. Nobody had a crystal ball, but by employing our wisdom gained over the years about the way the industry typically takes shape through fat and lean times, Olon has weathered the changing world economies and results of the pandemic era better than most because of our insistence on continued quality, strong customer relationships, and strategic business decisions.

Our site here in the U.S. is a perfect example of a strategic acquisition for the Olon group because of our development capabilities. The result of that success means we can continue to make investments back into the site, the infrastructure, the instrumentation, and the equipment to upgrade and be better prepared for the future. And now – whereas the U.S. facility was primarily a development site – we are moving into commercial manufacturing along with our other locations worldwide.

Success Breeds Success

As Olon has gone through these expansions and experienced so much success we’ve been fortunate enough to form a network of organizations around us that has taken note and paid close attention to what we have coming next, as well as those with whom we work. This has been very convenient at a time when many of our smaller clients are having trouble raising funding, even with a solid product.

We’ve been able to introduce some of them to groups and organizations that have been able to provide some investment options into their planning. We see that as an opportunity to work with both the financial and business side, as well as the technical side in supporting our clients.

Whereas, as we’ve already mentioned, many of our competitors have begun to sell off sites or reduce the services they offer, Olon is going in the opposite direction and expanding the services we offer and even taking advantage of a few of those sites being sold by others. We are working on collaborations with other related groups in the industry and drug product and toxicology laboratories to be able to provide those as a package service for IND enabling studies for our customers that need to get to Phase I and have their Phase I material ready in a certain amount of time.

Continued Growth and Changes in the Coming Year

While we have seen tremendous growth and increases in productivity through our strategic decision-making in 2023, we anticipate things are going to pick up even more in the New Year, as more and more customers begin to receive more investment back into their organizations. Contact us today to see how Olon USA can help accelerate your project forward.