• September 15, 2023

Olon USA is thrilled to announce its upcoming participation in the annual CPHI Worldwide 2023 event, scheduled to take place in the vibrant city of Barcelona this October. With a global presence and a commitment to fostering industry collaborations, Olon considers CPHI Worldwide a pivotal occasion for networking, showcasing advancements, and connecting with customers and partners across the pharmaceutical landscape.

Attending CPHI Worldwide has become a tradition for Olon, as the event offers an exceptional platform for customers and vendors to convene and exchange ideas in a single setting. Over the years, the event’s significance has grown due to its expansive scope, featuring multiple buildings dedicated to various aspects of the pharmaceutical industry. Last year’s event in Frankfurt, Germany, boasted an impressive 12 buildings, with Olon occupying prominent spaces in the API manufacturing domain. Next year, we’re excited about the opportunity to offer tours of our headquarters to prospective clients as CPHI Worldwide 2024 will be held in Milan, Italy.

A Global Presence and a Changing Landscape:
As a multinational commercial manufacturing company, Olon’s presence at global gatherings like CPHI Worldwide aligns with its commitment to international collaboration. However, the past year has brought about transformative changes for Olon, setting the stage for exciting announcements and discussions at the upcoming event.

One notable development stems from Olon’s Rodano, Italy facility, where efforts are underway to establish even higher API potency manufacturing capabilities. This expansion aims to enable the production of OEL 0.01 – 0.001 µg/m3 compounds, such as antibody drug conjugate “warheads”—a significant step forward in Olon’s ability to cater to diverse customer needs. This builds upon Olon’s existing expertise in OEL <1.0 – 0.01 µg/m3 materials, including potent APIs for specialized applications like oncology compounds. Likewise, expect announcements coming soon of high potency capabilities coming to the U.S. site.

Olon USA is also preparing to unveil its progress in another vital area. The company has applied for DEA Schedule 2 manufacturing, signaling its readiness to manufacture controlled substances as a bulk manufacturer on top of the DEA Schedule 2-5 Research and DEA Schedule 1-5 Analytica registrations. In addition to the capability to provide research support for scheduled drugs for tox and clinical trials, this strategic move positions Olon as a potential for customers seeking controlled substance manufacturing solutions.

While Olon’s global growth and investment continue across its sites worldwide, the past year has seen the integration of capabilities across these sites reach new heights. One notable example is Olon’s ability to collaborate seamlessly across facilities to meet unique client requirements. This collaboration was evident in a recent project where analytical work was distributed across different sites, showcasing Olon’s capacity to provide comprehensive solutions.

Evolving Solutions and Seamless Services:
Olon USA’s presence in the United States offers clients more than they might expect. Even though geographically separated from Europe, Olon’s U.S. site offers a suite of services that align with its counterparts abroad, providing clients with comprehensive solutions and access to a wide network of expertise. What’s more, our commitment to breaking down silos within our global network ensures that clients receive the most suitable solutions, regardless of where opportunities arise.

By streamlining pathways from early development to commercial services, Olon seeks to become an indispensable resource for clients’ pharmaceutical journeys. This commitment extends to facilitating connections with partners outside its immediate scope, ensuring clients have access to a comprehensive network of expertise.

An Invitation to Collaborate:
As CPHI Worldwide 2023 in Barcelona approaches, Olon extends a warm invitation to attendees to engage in meaningful conversations and explore possibilities for collaboration. Robert Poe, Olon Ricerca’s CEO, will be present, alongside the company’s executive team from Olon Spa., European representatives, and technical personnel. Whether you’re curious about Olon’s advancements or exploring potential collaborations, Olon welcomes the opportunity to connect, share insights, and pave the way for innovative partnerships.

Olon USA’s participation at CPHI Worldwide 2023 in Barcelona promises to be a transformative experience, filled with the promise of exciting announcements, insightful discussions, and collaborative opportunities. The event serves as a testament to Olon’s dedication to fostering industry relationships and driving innovation across the pharmaceutical landscape. We look forward to welcoming you to our booths 7P30 and 7P40, where conversations about your projects can shape the future of pharmaceutical development together. Join us in Barcelona and embark on a journey of possibilities with Olon.